Frame Design

There is more to finishing a work of art though than simply choosing the right moulding. Our skilled framing advisors have years of experience and can help choose the perfect combination of material, style, glazing, technique, etc. to suit your particular piece.

Have a look at the various elements below:


All our mounts are acid free and of conservational standard. Our framing advisors will help you with the choices in colour, tone, texture and weight as well as with the various ways of mounting, e.g. float mounting, step mounting, shadow mounting, multi-aperture mounting, etc.


If a piece has sentimental or monetary value, a pane of normal glass or even non reflective glass might not do. For this reason, in addition to these and Perspex, we also offer a large range of UV protective and museum standard glass which not only deflect UV rays by up to 97% but also increase the clarity and decrease the reflection.


Visitors to the framing centre and gallery in Camberwell will find a huge selection of quality picture frames on display. From aluminium to plain and treated wood, ornate to ultra modern frames. However, the range of designs we can offer is virtually unlimited, so if you donít see exactly what you want on display, we can almost certainly find it for you.


An aesthetically pleasing way to frame bulkier objects, whether itís a football jersey, relief sculpture, woven artefacts or craft pieces. Framing it in a box-frame will protect your memorabilia and give it the finishing touch for displaying. If itís a 2 dimensional work of art but you donít want a mount, a box-frame will keep the glass away from the surface avoiding condensation and ensuring its longevity.

Perspex box framing

For something different and to make a work of art or object truly stand on its own, we can mount it in a high quality Perspex enclosure, making it viewable from all angles. We fit it with clear brackets to hang on you wall and create an amazing statement piece.