Framing Advice

When choosing how best to present a work of art or an artefact, there are many aspects to consider - should the frame be ornate and highly decorated, or minimal and unobtrusive? How will the setting affect the frame design? Are there environmental considerations over both the materials used and the conservation aspect of protecting the work?

When creating a bespoke frame that presents and protects your treasured artwork in the best way possible, the options are limitless.

Thatís why we place so much importance on starting with good, professional advice. You will find our advisors knowledgeable in all aspects of bespoke and conservation framing. We are firstly interested in the nature of the artwork and the visual statement or effect you want to achieve, and only then will we suggest designs and materials that meet your requirements.

Our framing advisors will also take into account other important factors such as the deadline and the budget before suggesting the best frame design, materials and construction for your project.