Our Standards

Virtually anything, including the seemingly harmless environment of a home or office, can cause damage over time to a work of art. That is why we look at every aspect of a frame’s construction – from the mount boards and the glazing material to the techniques used to keep the object in position in the frame. Our framing advisors will help you decide on the ideal mix for your individual work of art.

When we frame a piece of work we are thinking of more than just adding an aesthetically pleasing finish – we are creating a protective environment that safeguards your investment from chemical deterioration and physical damage.

Our framing methods and materials have been carefully chosen from many years experience looking after your treasured artefacts, so whether you want a simple photo frame, a bespoke frame for an art purchase or conservation framing, you can rest assured that we will be able to preserve your piece of work in its original state.

We always take great care when handling your artwork. Whilst in our possession it is kept securely locked away and is only handled by our framing advisors and craftsmen.